Hi, my name is Isar (IZ-arr) Chang.

I may not be the first product designer you've come across, but I just might be the first Isar! Excellent user experiences, interfaces that work well and look good, plus proper research to back it all up—these are the things I always aim to achieve when I design.

I specialize in design for mobile devices (particularly native applications), and believe carefully considered copy is as much a part of good design as everything else. Everything else, of course, includes making each decision with empathy in mind, no matter what challenges are thrown my way.

Things I do: user flows, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, visual design, illustration, calligraphy, copywriting.

Things I love: learning new recipes, seeing artists perform live, absurdist humor, well-designed organizational products, Cheeto flavored foods that aren't necessarily Cheetos, Amelia Cathart.

Resume available upon request. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn.

Resume available upon request. Or feel free to check out my LinkedIn.

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