Hi, my name is Isar (IZ-arr) Chang.

I am a product designer; possibly the only one named Isar you'll ever meet. Crafting excellent user experiences, impeccable digital interfaces, and conducting user research are just some of the things I spend my days doing.

I specialize in design for mobile devices (particularly native applications), and believe carefully considered copy is as much a part of good design as everything else. Every decision is made with empathy in mind—the practical & business side always carefully balanced with the end user's needs & desires.

Things I do: user flows, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, visual design, illustration, calligraphy, copywriting.

Things I love: learning new recipes, seeing live music, absurdist humor, well-designed organizational products, Cheeto flavored foods that aren't necessarily Cheetos, Amelia Cathart.

Resume available upon request. You can also check out my LinkedIn, and I'm always open to chat!

Resume available upon request. Or feel free to check out my LinkedIn.

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